Welcome!  I am Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bucknell University.  I work in contemporary political thought, focusing on problems in democratic theory as well as ethics and public policy.   

My current book project is about the responsibilities that liberal democracies owe to immigrants. My research considers how liberal democratic states should respond to political newcomers and those seeking other forms of civic membership.  I ask: how can liberal democracies retain unity yet still remain open to the plural possibilities that immigrants introduce? With this question in mind, I've developed a new theory of hospitality that considers the meaning and practices of democratic citizenship in a world where cross-border activity has become intense and increasingly ordinary. 

I also research and regularly teach courses on issues in bioethics and the politics of health policy in the United States. 

I received my Ph.D. from Brown University in 2016 and my MA from Columbia University in 2009. Before and during graduate school,  I worked in professional capacities for an international NGO on democracy promotion and governance in Asia.